To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the iconic Series 7™ chair designed by the legendary Danish architect Arne Jacobsen for Fritz Hansen,  colourliving is hosting the 7 Stars X Series 7™ exhibition.

As part of Fritz Hansen’s 7 Cool Architects touring exhibitions, colourliving has teamed up with the brand to present the 7 Stars X Series 7™  exhibition in Hong Kong, paying tribute to the classic chair that best represents Scandinavian lifestyle.

The 7 local masterminds include Alan Chan, G.O.D. founder Douglas Young, Qeelin founder Dennis Chan, CL3 Architects founder William Lim.

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In the past 45 years, Alan’s dream is to connect human with the universe through the creation and sharing of design and life.

Inspired by the timeless Fritz Hansen Series 7 chair by Arne Jacobsen, Alan has re-interpreted this classic furniture with his desire to rebuild the humanistic face-to-face communication in this digital era. Chair is a channel fostering communication with family, friends, colleagues, and even strangers.

Looking from the front of the installation, the chair and the moon background forms the silhouette of two men facing each other. This intimate scene brings us back to the old times without Internet, computer and smartphones, when personal encounter was the primary way for communication and sharing.

  • Client Fritz Hansen
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